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logo5Neelum Green Energy (Pvt) Limited, Islamabad has recently been incorporated with a mission. As the Nation plunges into darkness at every alternate hour or two due to load shedding, it is a stark reminder to us all, that unless we brace up to get rid of it, future of our children will be even bleaker. Our mission is therefore very simple but dauntingly challenging as we dedicate our assets,

 In today’s world of diminishing fossil fuel reserves and rising demand, the cost of energy is on the rise. It is indeed a difficult situation and developing countries like Pakistan cannot continue relying on imported fuels to meet their needs. The cost of imported fuels, both raw and refined, though presently low, is expected to escalate in future that would eventually stretch our resources beyond our sustainable limits. Dependence on imported fossil fuels is, therefore, neither a reliable nor affordable choice for our future energy needs.
Investment in the energy sector of Pakistan is now a call of the day. The opportunities to propose generation projects running on coal, gas, wind and solar power are many. As we know, Pakistan is abundantly blessed with vast un-tapped renewable energy resources that can replace fossil fuels as the primary source of energy. The renewable hydro energy resources offer viable alternates that if tapped and integrated in the national power mix, can ensure energy security for our future. Energy generation plans focused on exploitation of indigenous hydro energy resources will, therefore, be crucial to the future of Pakistan

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To be a growth oriented energy company that achieves the highest international standards in its operations and delivers a fair return to its shareholders, while serving the community as a caring corporate citizen.


To be an energy leader – committed to deliver growth through energy

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