Syed Raghib Abbas Shah

Ex Chairman, Water & Power Development Authority (WAPDA)

Convener of Think Tank on Water for Pakistan engineering council

Deputy convener of Think Tank on Energy for Pakistan engineering council

Joined Pakistan water & power development authority (WAPDA) as junior engineer (civil) in 1974.

Retired as Chairman WAPDA on April 2014.

40 years diverse experience in Management, Construction and O&M of Reservoirs ,Hydro power, […]

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Muhammad Amin Khalil

Ex General Manager (Hydel) Operation Responsibilities:   Management  ,   Planning   ,     O&M     administration  and financial control of WAPDA’s Nineteen (19) Hydel   Power Plants of WAPDA, with a total installed capacity of 6902 MW.

From:                       June 2013 to August 2014

Employer:         Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority,WAPDA.

Position Held:        General Manager (Hydel) Development


Worked as General Manager (Hydel) – Development. I […]

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Rizwan Ahmad

Varied and diversified experience of working in different formations of  WAPDA which including the following;

Member (Power) WAPDA     (2013-2014)


Dealing with AH Authority matters
Monitoring of all under execution hydro power projects
Performance monitoring of all existing hydro power plants
Processing and Perusal of PC-1 for rehabilitation of old hydro power plants at CDWP and ECNEC
Arrangement of foreign financing for […]

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