Ex Chairman, Water & Power Development Authority (WAPDA)

Convener of Think Tank on Water for Pakistan engineering council

Deputy convener of Think Tank on Energy for Pakistan engineering council

Joined Pakistan water & power development authority (WAPDA) as junior engineer (civil) in 1974.

Retired as Chairman WAPDA on April 2014.

40 years diverse experience in Management, Construction and O&M of Reservoirs ,Hydro power, irrigation and drainage works along with Environmental safeguard as Junior engineer. Senior engineer, Superintendent engineer, Chief engineer, General Manager, Member/MD (water) and Chairman(WAPDA) on following Projects.

Tarbela Dam

Mangla Dam

Sakardu Dam hydro power project

Gomal zam Dam hydro power project

Allai khawar hydro power project

Dubair khawar hydro power project

Khan khawar hydro power project

Member of Board of Technical Committee of Neelam Jhelum hydro power project. Member of Board of Management Barqab consultants. Member of BOD Pakistan WAPDA Foundation.

General Manager (Hyde!) Operation Responsibilities

To look after all existing 20 running hydro power stations of various capacities

ranging from 1MW to 3480MW

Planning for rehabilitation of very old de-rated units of hydel power stations.

Getting tariff determination from NEPRA for all hydro power stations on yearly


Renewal of generation licenses for all hydro power plants from NEPRA.

Chief Engineer Operation and General Manager of National Power Control Center, Islamabad  (2012 ~ 2013)

Chief  Engineer/Project   Director  of  the   Rehabilitation   Project  of  22   MW Jabban Hydroelectric Power Station     (2011 – 2012)

Chief Engineer of 243 MW Warsak Hydel Power Station and Small Hydel Stations in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa     (2010 – 2011)

Director (Hydel) and Deputy Director  (1997 – 2010)


  • Overall monitoring of O&M activities of Hyde! Power Stations.
  • Foreign Procurements of essential spares of Hydel plants.
  • Dealing with NEPRA for Power Purchase Agreement, Generation License of
    WAPDA Hydroelectric.
  • Deal with the planning phase of Rehabilitation of old Hydel power stations.

WAPDA Inventory Control Department in the following fields;    (1989 – 1997)

Deputy    Director    Procurement    at    WAPDA    centralized    procurement department

Regional Store Manager at Regional Store LESCO Shalimar, Lahore

Deputy   Director in  WAPDA’s  Material   Inspection   Department  procuring following centralized items;

Distribution transformers 11KV/415Vof   25, 50, 100, 200, 400, 630 kVA rating

  • T cables of 10, 25, 50mm2 cables
    11KVXLPE cable
  • Line hardware items